March or April (complete, single application)

Preemergent - prevent the germination of warm season weed seeds. Established plants and grass will not be affected.

Nitrogen - is a necessary nutrient promoting a thriving green lawn. 

Potash - dissolves easily in water, allowing your lawn to absorb potassium it contains through the root system of the grass encouraging root health and early plant development.  

May (complete, single application)

Preemergent - providing a reinforced residual. 

Nitrogen - promoting a thriving green lawn.  


June (complete, single application)

Phosphorus - important for root endurance and to help the lawn fight disease.

Potash - encouraging continued potassium uptake. Potassium helps the grass build thicker cell walls, which strengthens the plant, so it can withstand external stresses such as drought, heat, cold and disease.


July (complete, single application)

Nitrogen/Iron (slow release) - yellow lawns generally lack important nutrients such as iron and nitrogen.  An iron supplement will help to convey a healthy green lawn during the summer months without the increased growth.  


Insect Control (as needed) - targeting billbug, cutworm, grub and sod webworm.    

August (as needed)

Insect control - targeting billbug, cutworm, grub and sod webworm.

Insecticide, should be sparingly used to avoid unneeded toxins on the lawn and to insure insects don't build a resistance to the active ingredients.  A healthy application program, proper lawn maintenance, and sufficient watering will encounter insects when at its strongest therefore greatly diminishing stresses caused by insects.  An insecticide targeting billbug, cutworm, grub and sod webworm will be applied where it's needed and when it's needed.  As a customer of Exclusive Turf Management, you can expect a prompt response, at no additional cost, for any appearance of insect activity beyond scheduled monthly service.   


September or October (complete, single application)

Winterize - nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and sulfur insuring strong root recovery following heat and possible drought, before the cold months ahead, allowing for a vigorous spring growth.

Pricing will be completed following turf measurement.  Anticipated estimate could be less.  Prospective customers greater than 12,000 sq. ft. are welcomed.  Broadleaf weed control will be implemented during the complete program without added cost.  Initial broadleaf weed control costs for new granular fertilization customers could be necessary.  Fungicide treatments for turf disease will be at product cost and a service cost of $2.50 per 100 sq. ft., with authorization.


As a customer of Exclusive Turf Management, APPLICATION PROGRAM, you qualify for SERVICE RESPONSE WITHIN 24 HOURS regarding lawn concerns without being subject to additional fees for the visit.


For each confirmed referred customer, your application cost will be reduced by 10%.  The discount will be applied immediately.  UP TO 100% OF PROGRAM COST!