Gearing up for snow removal in Omaha, Nebraska

Winter is very unpredictable, making investing toward snow removal hardware that much more difficult for the average homeowner. While most homeowners do have some shovels and snow removal power equipment, not everyone has the right equipment. The following suggestions may help you re-evaluate your inventory making you better prepared for both, light and heavy snow fall while at the same time not overextending your household economy.


This is a light-duty plastic scoop snow shovel. You’ll find many available and cost should be $30.00 or less. Although this is not the most durable type of snow shovel, it is light weight and a must have for detail work without over-extending yourself when using.

The arch model will help better direct snow without having to apply the extra wear and tear on your back. Prices will range, $25.00 - $50.00 and you’ll find these available with plastic and metal scoops. 


While the sleigh model appears bulky and perhaps, not user friendly, this is an excellent option to complement your snow removal arsenal! The sleigh itself is plastic but don’t let that deter you from purchasing one. These are very durable, easy on your back and move large amounts of snow at a time. Don’t be surprised if you prefer using this in place of your snow blower at times. At the very least you’ll love it for the detail work. Best of all it’s light-weight, easy to maneuver, and reasonably priced. Prices will vary, $25.00 - $75.00 yet the sleigh shovel should be considered an investment.

This is a preferred snow blower for many homeowners and for good reason. The paddle equipped snow blower is manageable and can clear large amounts of snow in a single pass. They are very reliable, light-weight and don’t require much follow-up detail work, if any at all. You won’t need to worry about self-propel with the paddle model because as the snow is being cleared the paddle will pull the machine. Price will vary, $250.00 - $600.00 making this a wise spending decision and a reliable one.


Keep a portable shovel in your vehicle during the winter months! Hopefully your portable shovel will remain in perfect condition, yet it should provide peace of mind when travelling in winter conditions.

Sand should also be kept in your vehicle during the winter months. At the very least sand weight will provide additional traction support and you may find sand useful when trying to get mobile.